Zeno Clubhouse


The Zeno Party

Our party is inspired by the late U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Gregory Scalia. Ginsburg and Scalia tended to have diametrically opposite political views, Ginsburg being liberal while Scalia was conservative.

They also happened to be best friends. They spent time discussing, among many other things, politics. They did it with calmness and with respect for each others’ views. We draw our inspiration from that.

The Zeno Party is neither liberal nor conservative. For that matter it’s also not centrist. If we must come up with an adjective to describe the The Zeno Party, that adjective would be “stoic.”

Stoicism is a wide subject, deserving of much more attention than we’ll give it here. But the part of Stoicism that’s this party’s guiding principle is humility. It’s about respect for people with viewpoints that differ from one’s own. It’s about good humor, avoidance of shrillness – and especially, avoidance of manipulation.

The party’s platform holds that when discussions, deliberations, and decisions are made in an environment that embraces those values, the resulting policies will be of better quality than decisions and policies that come from accusations and shouting matches, which in turn are typically provoked by some power addict.

That’s pretty much it. That’s the party platform.

To help get the party started we’ve created a social network of sorts. We call it the Zeno Clubhouse.

The Zeno Clubhouse is inside a larger social network called Stoanova Village®, which hasn’t actually even launched yet. We’re actually the first tenants in Stoanova Village®. In fact Stoanova Village® wasn’t even open yet when we decided to do this, and anyway Stoanova is more about philosophy than politics. So why are we doing this?

Given the imminent election in the United States and the shrill and confrontational tone of political discussion leading up to it, we felt an urgent need for a place where people can have calm and rational political discussions.

What to call it?

“New political party”?

Hey, why not.

Do we need to fill in forms and get approval from some government commission in order to do this?

Hope not.

We’re not soliciting donations, so that should help eliminate red tape.

Come on in to our VennDance Clubhouse. We have four discussion areas for now:

  • Political Philosophy
  • Media
  • Optimocracy
  • Election Technology

Since the Clubhouse is inside Stoanova Village, you’ll need to join the Village through a simple signup procedure.

Unlike other social networks, Stoanova Village does not share your personal information.

Come on in and start some intelligent discussion, or join one that’s already going!